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Advanced Technology & Systems We Utilize

Intraoral Camera

With this small camera, we can get a close-up look at everything in your mouth. We also use the intraoral camera to guide you through your diagnosis and treatment options, keeping you at the center of your treatment plans. We want you to be informed so that you can make wise choices for your oral health and for your smile.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-ray

Digital x-rays are a fast and comfortable diagnostic tool that help us to accurately assess your oral health needs. If it has been some time since you sat in a dental chair for a dental x-ray, we think you will be pleasantly surprised with the speed and ease of digital x-rays! Plus, they require no chemical processing and emit up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, making digital dental technology the smart choice for both your smile and the environment.

Composite Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

Because they can be bonded to your teeth, composite (tooth-colored) fillings can be a more conservative treatment choice. Using composite fillings results in smaller, more natural-looking fillings than amalgam (silver) fillings.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

If chipped, discolored or misshapen teeth make you self-conscious about your smile, veneers are small inventions that make a BIG difference. Porcelain veneers are sculpted by hand and bonded to the front side of your teeth to revive your smile. Veneers look and feel like natural, beautiful teeth, and are an excellent cosmetic solution for teeth that are too discolored for traditional whitening methods. Take a look at our Smile Gallery to see additional photographs of treatment with veneers.

Dental Implants

Digital X-ray

Dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth and to stabilize dentures. They can give your smile a second chance! Many of the millions of people who are missing teeth struggle with ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures or retainers with false teeth. If you know what this feels like and are ready for a solution, we have one for you! Dental implants are effective in stabilizing dentures to fit, feel and function better. This technology is now a time-proven and highly successful treatment. Call us to find out how this option in restorative dentistry could change your life.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Tooth Colored Fillings

In addition to giving you the benefit of a cleaner looking and more attractive smile, whiter teeth can also boost your confidence and enhance your self-esteem. Teeth whitening is a safe and easy way to brighten your smile. Ask us about your whitening options at your next visit.


Digital X-ray

Happy patients spend less time in the dental chair with more comfort. To help achieve this, we use the Isolite® System. This system has a soft and flexible mouthpiece to shield your tongue and cheek during procedures. It also has a light that illuminates your mouth from the inside, making treatments shadowless and more efficient. The Isolite allows you to rest your jaw and eliminates the need for cotton rolls and rinse breaks. Your comfort is paramount! Come in and experience the difference.

Relief for TMJ/TMD

If you suffer from chronic headaches or jaw pain, your TMJ could be the culprit. A misaligned temporomandibular joint can compromise the function and flexibility of your jaw, create an uneven bite, and worst of all, cause severe pain. Other common symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) include earaches, pain or sensitivity in the teeth, and persistent clicking or locking of the jaw. Dr. Waring and his team can evaluate the cause of your TMJ pain and help you find long-lasting relief.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Breathing problems that result in snoring or sleep disturbances can be treated with an oral appliance. If your loved ones complain about the noise or if you awake feeling like you have not slept well, we can help. We will work with your physician to determine the extent of your problem and to recommend the appropriate treatment. For those individuals who cannot tolerate CPAP (a device that forces air into the throat) or whose diagnosis is mild to moderate sleep apnea, a properly-fitted oral appliance can often provide significant relief. Untreated sleep apnea can reduce your lifespan by as much as 7 years! Sleep apnea has been related to nighttime tooth grinding, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and weight gain.


New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms

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